I am a graduate student in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution joint program in oceanography and ocean engineering (MIT/WHOI) studying organic geochemistry with Dr. Valier Galy.  My research aims to quantify and characterize terrestrial organic carbon fluxes to the coastal ocean using time-series measurements on a suite of global rivers. Such fluxes constitute one aspect of a complex carbon cycle connecting geologic and biospheric pools of carbon, and it is unknown how these pools respond to changing climatic and geologic conditions.

I work in collaboration with scientists at the Woods Hole Research Center (WHRC) and WHOI, as well as affiliate scientists around the world, as part of the Global Rivers Observatory. With GRO, we aim to constrain all aspectsof riverine geochemistry Рincluding trace metal concentrations and isotopes, sediment fluxes, dissolved/particulate organic/inorganic carbon, and major cation/anion fluxes. My current projects include: Ganges Brahmaputra, LiWu (Taiwan), Congo, Mackenzie, and Narragansett Rivers. Please contact me to learn more about our lab, life at MIT and WHOI, or the MIT/WHOI joint program.